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What is Imitation‘FOOD SAMPLE’?

Food samples are a means of creating displays which look very natural foods for display windows at restaurant etc… People are often surprised at how authentic they look when lviewing them through glass cases. These days food samples are a must for proper expression of the menu. It’s a rather important symbol of a restaurant and other shops.

This process developed in a peculiar technique and culture in Japan around 1920. To make food samples is a long time-consuming procress. Everything is handcrafted.

Nowadays food samples are well known overseas as well, but the technique has not moved abroad. Most countries still need Japanese sample production. Sometimes we take up offers to provide technical guidance. We export our works and they are widely used as presents or souvenirs for foreigners.

When it comes to material, mainly we used paraffin but durability was a problem; it was easy to break. Vinyl chloride that we are now using is much better in terms of durability and maintenance. And resin makes it possible to create detailed and complicated works. Thanks to resin we can make superbly-detailed replicas.

We are very passionate about creating any kind of food samples that will fit your particular needs. Through our career we have utilized a made-to-order motto to ensure customer satisfaction.

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